The struggle is real. Working from home means a pantry full of distractions and snacking on the daily. How can we get through this time and without eating ALL THE FOOD, ALL THE TIME? Here are my top tips on how to stay nourished, and not to eat a week’s supply of food in one day:

Like everything in life, the key is all in the planning and preparation. The first step is shopping. Remember that everything that goes into the supermarket trolley ends up in your stomach. Make sure you go shopping in the morning as this is when motivation is high, and make sure it is after you have just eaten so you are not swayed by cravings.

-Resist the hoarding urge to stock up with packaged food. Fresh, whole foods are not currently in short supply and it’s much harder to overeat a whole food plant-based diet of vegetables and fruit. It’s the ultra-high processed food that’s the problem with their combination of fat, sugar and salt that is designed to be addictive and encourage you overeat. You can easily eat a whole packet of chips and whilst you have overconsumed the recommended daily intake of fat and salt you can still be hungry With no actual nutrients, healthy fats or protein that signal to the body satiety what you are actually craving are nutrients.

-Cooking and preparing our own food is more than half the battle when it comes to eating well, and the upside is that we are now at home so no excuses. It is actually the perfect time to commit to a new eating paradigm- no temptation of nights out, takeaway foods etc and going back to basics of simple home cooked whole food meals.

-When cooking, make sure you cook once but eat thrice. This means cooking double the vegetables needed for that night’s dinner so you have leftovers to make the basis of the next day’s meals. Keep it simple with a one pot meal and explore how you can add things like protein powders and nutrients into your baking to get the most out of what you are eating to keep you healthy and fuller for longer, you can get some great recipe inspiration from Amazonia.

-Start the day right. There is really no such thing as healthy snacking. Instead we should be eating three proper, balanced, nourishing meals that will keep us full until the next meal. Start the day by eating proper breakfast, balanced with vegetables, protein and healthy fats for satiety.

-Keep some extra soup, stew or smoothie in the fridge you can ‘snack’ on during the day if needed, or leftover roasted veggies and dip/ seeded crackers

-HYDRATION is key- often you are actually thirsty not hungry so have a large glass of water, wait 10 minutes and reassess your hunger levels. Keep hydrated throughout the day and mix up water with herbal teas or add some greens to your water for that extra energy hit. The Amazonia Raw prebiotic Greens actually mix on water and taste like Mint and Vanilla, a great addition to your water bottle.

-To avoid the 3pm slump/snack hour go for a walk around the block, mediate, or have a cup of herbal tea. Often by utilising these quick resets your craving will often pass.

-When it comes to cravings, if it’s just boredom or hunger then fulfil both those needs first. If you are still craving it then eat the food- if you’re constantly craving chocolate have chocolate. Avoiding a strong craving by having an apple, then a biscuit and then finally the chocolate anyway does not help. Try to only have a few pieces, but regardless enjoy the treat, acknowledge the enjoyment and move on. Feeling guilty around food is not a healthy emotion, instead nourish your body with love in whatever form that may be.

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