Chilled Avocado and Pea Soup


750g fresh or frozen green peas, gently cooked (organic ideally)

1 1/2 medium avocados

1/3 cup artichoke heart halves (about 2 hearts or 1/2 jar brined)

3-4 cups homemade chicken stock**; depending preference consistency.

1 garlic clove

Handful basil leaves

Handful pine nuts

Juice of 1 lemon

*Adding zucchini, cucumber, ginger, chilli

**Having homemade stock on hand is the key to this recipe being so easy and delicious. See my recipe here- batch cook and keep in the freezer.

or herbs are also great taste variations

Blend all ingredients, starting with 3 cups of stock, adding more to preferred consistency. Can be enjoyed warmed up on stove, or chilled further in fridge.

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