Immune Master Tonic

This is a modern take on a traditional folk Fire Cider recipe. I love that it is a wholefood based immune tonic that's easy to make and actually tastes good - I know it sounds like it would be terrible, but is actually has a tart, refreshing taste!

Makes approx 1 litre


Choose 200-300g of each main ingredient:

White or any other hot onion Horseradish root/wasabi/radish


Hot chillies


Turmeric root: 1–2 pieces

Cloves: 5–10

Cinnamon Stick: 1–2

Peppercorns: 1 dessert spoon

Lemongrass: 1 piece

Raw unfiltered honey: 1 tablespoon

Other optional ingredients to taste or availability: Parsley/Coriander, Tamarind root, Echinacea

RAW Vitamin C- 2 tablespoons

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother in it, live, unfiltered, unbleached, non-distilled)


1. Start on a new moon and strain on a full moon, which is about 14 days.

2. Chop or coarsely grate all the ingredients and mix together. A food processer or high speed blender makes this step very easy- just leave ingredients chopped not liquid! Rubber gloves are handy here to avoid the tumeric stains.

3. Fill the jar to 3⁄4 full with the chopped/grated ingredients, then top up with Apple Cider Vinegar to 2–4 cm below the rim depending on the size of your batch.

4. Close firmly and shake to get rid of air bubbles, then top up if required with more Apple Cider Vinegar and close firmly.

5. Ferment on the kitchen bench in a cool, dark corner out of direct sunlight. Wrap in a tea towel, if necessary, to keep sunlight out.

6. Stir once a day or give the bottle a shake when you pass it on the kitchen bench.

7. Strain after 14 days, but can be left up to 28 days. Strain through a coffee filter as it’s so fine or through cotton or other fine fabric to remove sediment. After straining, sediment will continue to sink to the bottom and is quite normal.

8. Bottle, label/date and store in a dark place or the fridge and take a daily shot when immune boost is needed.

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