Cleansing carrot salad

This is a simple salad is great for hormone balancing and cleansing regimes. Raw carrots contain unique fibers that bind toxins, particularly excess estrogen, in our intestines, and unlike other fibres, the raw carrot fibre helps to lower the number of bad bacteria (also known as endotoxin) in the gut. The addition of apple cider vinegar also aids digestion, and coconut oil is anti- microbial. I recommend munching on this salad before meals or as a healthy snack.


1 medium organic carrot

1 tsp. raw coconut or apple cider vinegar

1 tsp. coconut oil

Sea salt to taste opt- add chopped herbs (such as parsley or coriander) chopped nuts or seeds to taste

Directions: 1. Wash carrot well (no need to peel)

2.Grate lengthwise with grater, then add oil, ACV and salt (or throw the whole lot in a food processor and lightly pulse)

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