Smart Snacking

Snacking can either help or hinder your path to wellness- store bought snacks are often high in sugar and preservatives, whereby home prepared snacks can help maintain energy and blood sugar levels between meals. As with your meals, when you think of snacks, aim for protein and healthy fats, as they will keep you full until your next meal.

Below are my favourite go-to snacks. As snacks are often consumed on the run, for me the best snacks are quick to make, and portable, so they can be on hand when needed. Remember as well that snacks should be small- so don't mindlessly munch on them whilst doing something else as you will more likely end up eating the same calories as a main meal.

  • Sliced apple smeared with nut butter & sprinkled with cinnamon

  • Small handful of unsalted mixed nuts

  • Tbsp of coconut yoghurt sprinkled with seeds and/or berries

  • Protein shake- great for the 3pm slump, having protein at this time will prevent the pre-dinner grazing

  • Boiled egg, halved and filled with mashed avocado

  • Sliced pear & tbsp goats cheese

  • Chopped vegetables (carrot, capsicum, celery, broccoli stems) with dip- green goddess tahini, hummus or walnut beetroot dip are my favs

  • Rice or corn cakes topped with avocado, nut butter or ricotta & cinnamon

  • Small piece of fruit

  • Slice paleo bread with chopped avocado, tomato and basil

  • Couple of leftover paleo pancakes

  • Green juice- celery, kale, cucumber, lemon & ginger

  • Homemade sugarfree protein balls

  • Nori sheets rolled around crunchy vegies, greens & a dip or avocado

  • Flaxseed crackers with avocado & squeeze of lime

  • Kale chips & homemade dip

  • Small can of tuna, drained, with squeeze of lime

  • Tamari almonds & seeds & coconut chips

  • Dandeloin or herbal tea with seed crackers

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