Batch Cooking 101

Eating well is the key to brining back our vitality, so should not be seen as a burden, or something that we rarely have 'time' for. And we all know that when our lives turn up a notch, 'convenient' foods are more appealing, when in fact this is the very time we need to be eating more nutrient dense food to fuel our fire. Batch cooking is the tool in your wholefoods kit that will ensure that you can keep eating well when you have very little spare time.It is is the biggest saviour for the time poor as it is the most time effective way to cook. And by 'batch cooking' I dont just mean make a lasagne on Saturday to eat every night the next week. Instead the idea is to cook your proteins, carbs and sometimes vegies so you can simply reheat YET still be eating something fresh and healthy.


-Batch cook proteins/ carbs/ snacks for week i.e. salmon cakes, quinoa, protein balls etc.

-Cook as simple as possible- i.e. no dressings.

-Then at meal time just reheat & add dressings/ oils/ herbs/ salad & sides for flavour.

A typical batch cook for me will be to make a breakfast dish (LSA muffins, chia puddings), protein (chicken balls, lentil soup) carb (quinoa) and dip/sauce (kale pesto, hummus) Takes approx 2 hours on the weekend, and gives me a week of dinners, where all I have to do is add a handful of fresh salad/zoodles/herbs!

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